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  1. I love a good morning bun.
  2. 100% NO
  3. My buffet choices make me a peacekeeper
  4. We’re all filled up on protein here.
  5. We’re also going to be signature-less here soon.
  6. Cats are liquid.
  7. This gives me hope.
  8. Something yummy for coconut lovers.
  9. These cake make me so uncomfortable. I wish to mix in the entire frosting!
  10. Do audiobooks count as reading?
  11. Will Ferrel vs. Conceptual Art
  12. Some amazing stuff in Smithsonian’s 2018 photo contest
  13. Who doesn’t love a clever sign??!
  14. For anyone who loves a good diorama, LOOK AT THIS!!
  15. Ooof. Facebook is really blowing it, huh?   additionally, prepared to be creeped out.
  16. What does a Wes Anderson movie sound like?
  17. Pink city nights!
  18. These naturally dyed eggs are BEAUTIFUL
  19. Anthropologie attire I covet: One / Two / Three
  20. If in case you have some leftover Cadbury eggs, make these cookies!
  21. Spike Lee’s Essential Films list
  22. Oh, this movie looks really good!!
  23. Airbnb vs. New Orleans
  24. What to do when I’m gone.

This funny looking thing is a good way to take away any undesirable facial hair. Hi, I’m 38 and it’s truly creeping up swiftly.

Going thru a black licorice section. This again lives in my automobile. I’ve been studying that consuming licorice sooner than you could have a meal (or anything else sour!) is helping digestion. This licorice is my present favourite. If you happen to’re a black licorice lover, what’s your favourite? I wanna do a style check!

That I’ve an entire batch of Everyday Pancakes in my freezer for to assist in making some particular weekday breakfasts briefly.

Cooper at nine. He’s the sort of candy boy. He bumped into the fuel station to shop for himself a deal with (together with his personal cash!) and got here again with a deal with for himself and one for me (together with his personal cash!).


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