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The Reckoning

The Reckoning

Concentrate! you might imagine it
simply tale:
however after we glistened
like a hen’s golden plumage
our our bodies all we had
to provide up
our humanity
permanent reality
the nice unraveling
one boring morning
clocked in
eternally crushed
image some dung beetle
within the muck of it
volition violation
risky speed
we rolled away from bed
into the numbing
backbone of not up to


Concentrate! that factor
you drove over
that collision
of histories
leaves us all crawling
on this airy town
the place as soon as
got here to a reverberating halt
beneath the stable gaze
of attractive prophets
glossy gods
speedy vehicles
speedy meals
transparent minimize
transparent judgment of right and wrong
half-lie . . .
whilst the patriotic and unusual citoyen
rush about
doing unusual issues
like washing face and palms
or permitting them to cross grimy
get filthy


Concentrate! you might favor
to be strung alongside
like a fish
however this is water
at your toes
and emerging
you notice that factor
used to be me, rattling it
and is me
and stroked
via transitory
prime answer
flat phrases
like happiness
and reconciliation


However there’s no two techniques
no concern
it’s too overdue for that
the earth will heal
in the end
when our species
is long past the best way of
the final Redwood
that appears with cedar eyes
around the abdominal of The usa
to this bare International
to the inevitable



Photograph © Simeon Berg

The publish The Reckoning gave the impression first on Granta Magazine.

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